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Disposet Scalp Vein Set (Butterfly set)
Disposet Scalp Vein Set (Butterfly set)

Butterfly set for long term infusion or blood collection

IV Cannula Additional
IV Cannula Additional
Basic Product Features

Ultra sharp, thin-walled, silconised SS Needle 

  • Siliconized, Ultra sharp, Stainless Steel needle to perform easy and painless venipuncture. 

Soft, kink resistant, clear PVC tubing

  • Standard tube capacity 0.43ml for 300mm tube length

  • Standard length 300mm

  • DEHP Free plasticizer

  • Well documented safety characteristics 

Avoid unintended detachment 

  • Hard Luer Lock Connector

  • Soft Luer Slip Connector

Flexible Wings

  •  The flexible wings provide good gripping and follows the contours of site allowing more secure fixation.

  •  Color coded for size


  • CE

  • US FDA 510K

  • ISO 13485:2016

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