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Disposet IV Infusion set
Disposet IV Infusion set

Universal design IV administration sets with/without
air vent for gravity infusions and pressure infusions
(pressure resistant up to 2 bar)

IV Cannula Additional
IV Cannula Additional
Basic Product Features

User-friendly design drip chamber

  • Standard piercing spike (vented, universal)

  • Easy penetration of solution container and preventing contamination.

  • 15 micron (μm) filter provides high flow rate and protection against large particles

  • Transparent drip chamber allows for quick & easy visualization of drop rate.

Soft, kink resistant, clear PVC tubing

  • Standard lumen IØ 3 mm & OØ 4.1 mm

  • Standard length 180 cm

  • DEHP Free plasticizer

  • Well documented safety characteristics 

Y connector injection site

  • Latex free injection site allows easy injection access. 

  • Also available with needle free injection site

Luer Lock Turn-Tight Fitting

  • Avoid unintended detachment


  • CE

  • US FDA 510K

  • ISO 13485:2016

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