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DispoFix IV Fixator

Various types of IV fixators for Securing IV site 

Basic Product Features
  • Used for covering and protection of catheter sites and securely attaching devices to the skin.

  • It saves nursing time as setting up the IV is highly effective and efficient using the fixator.

  • Uniformly coated with hypo-allergic polyacrylate adhesive. Hypo-allergic IV Fixator is friendly to sensitive-skin. The sensitive adhesive activates when it comes in contact with skin.

  • The use of cannula fixator results in less pain for patients, as it reduces and redistributes mechanical stress from catheter site. 

  • Ensure easy and excellent grip over the IV Catheter

  • Allows mobility by stretching with movement.

  • Made of porous and breathable material.

  • Latex-free 

  • Highly resistant to water & vapor, adhesive remains in excellent condition for long time.

  • Sterile, Disposable, Individually packed. 

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