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At Disposafe we work very hard everyday to update and maintain our resources and facility using advanced cutting-edge technologies that enable us to be leading providers of health care devices and solutions for users and patients.


About Us

Disposafe was founded with a vision to excel in developing constructive solutions for  research and manufacturing of medical devices in the healthcare industry.  With more effective treatments, userfriendly products and product systems, and by developing safer procedures. With efficient processes, great cost-effectiveness, and better market opportunities. And by lowering risks, resulting in improved treatments.

Today, Disposafe has a presence in over 100 countries worldwide. It is one of the world's leading providers and manufacturers of healthcare disposable solutions.

Disposafe has 70+ talented engineers who help us lead medical research in patient & health care worker safety.

Every service provided by Disposafe is a culmination of knowledge, expertise and skill from our years of experience and from the company's deep understanding of users' needs. We are the medical device experts and we can empower you with the right product knowledge and training programs necessary to understand and improve outcomes for patients.


Medical Devices/year

The goal is simple: To be world leaders in health development and medical research. Disposafe has more than 1100 associates who work tirelessly in close collaboration with customers and partners to help enhance outcomes, lower health care delivery costs, increase efficiencies, improve health care safety and expand access to health.

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