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IV Cannula (Catheters)
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IV Cannulae (IV Catheters)

With a track record of consistent, proven results in the healthcare industry, and quality certified by ISO, CE and USFDA 510k, Disposafe Health and Life Care offers a complete range of high quality infusion products, with our latest Ultra-sharp-technology, now known for our quality and clinical effectiveness. Click here to view our certifications.


Disposafe Tele IV Cannula

Disposafe Safety IV Cannula

Disposafe α safety IV Cannula

Disposafe Safety IV Cannula

Disposafe Ann IV Cannula

Disposafe Beta Safety IVC

Disposafe β safety IV Cannula 

Dispoway IV Cannula

Dispoway IV Cannula

Dispoway Alpha IV Cannula

Dispoway α IV Cannula

Triway cath -1.png

Tri-way Cath IV Cannula


PenCath IV Cannula

Disponeo IV Cannula

DispoNEO IV Cannula

DispoSafe Neo Safety IV Cannula

DispoNEO Safety IV Cannula


Master Vet IV Cannula

DispoWing IV Cannula

Dispowing IV Cannula

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