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IV Cannula/ Catheter with wings and without injection port

Needle: Siliconized, Ultrasharp, multifacet, stainless steel, back cut needle allows the clinician to perform easy, painless vein puncture. 


Catheter: Siliconised and available in FEP, PUR and PTFE materials, having a smooth outer surface and tapered tip for painless vein puncture with minimised trauma.



Flashback Chamber: It allows for quick visualisation of blood flashback and confirmation fo successful catheter placement in vein.

Needle Cover: Transparent needle cover to prevent damage to the catheter.




Options Available:


- FEP/PTFE/PUR Catheter

- Hydrophobic Filter

- Medical Paper/Tyvec

- Sterile/Non-Pyrogenic/Single Use

- Packing in color coded MKP

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