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measured volume set

Measured-Volume Set

- Flexible, transparent and soft calibrated cylindrical Measured Volume Chamber. Injection port allows extra medication to be injected into burette chamber

-Strong, sharp and air-vented spike is made of sturdy medical grade ABS for easy insertion in IV container.

- Shut off floater to prevent air embolism and it helps to indicate fluid level.
-Soft flexible drip chamber fitted with fluid filter(15 μm) and micro dripper for delivery at the rate of 60 drops/mL

- Soft, kink resistant tube with latex bulb for easy flashing.

Options Available
- Hanger
- Leur lock or Slip
- Needle free "Y" injection site
- Hypodermic Needle: 23G x 1"
- Air vent/Non-air vent spike
- Burette volume 150mL/110mL/100mL
- Tube length from 150cm to 200cm
- "Y" injection port
- Automatic shut off valve
- DEHP free tube

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