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Extension tube (HP & LP)


 PE Extension line (straight)
- It is suitable for pressure monitoring and connection between the syringe infusion pump and patient.
- Has small bore size for high pressure.
- Made of insert material to facilitate the use of all commonly used infusion fluids.
-Leak proof Male and Female Luer lock made according to ISO 80369-7 are provided at ends to ensure fitment with all standard medical devices and equipment.

PE Extension Line(coiled):
- Coiled in special design to facilitate the comfortable movement of patients
- Coiled Extension tube works like a spring and expands and contracts according to patient movement.

dispoex tech specs.png

Available in the following configurations:

- Length 200/300/400 cm

- Capacity 1.0mL per 100cm

- Tube Diameter: Internal 1.0mm & external 2.0mm

- Male Leur at one end, female at other.

- Male & female Luer complies with ISO-80369-7

- Packed in peel open pouch or soft blister pack.

- Sterile/Non-Pyrogenic/Single use


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